Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dear Lord Elgin…

…you may recall that a few months back, I was convinced I had lost my marbles. Well, Mags just sent me a little bag from Belfast, look…


In her pre-Christmas tidy-up***, she found these!


So maybe I will be slightly less bonkers in the next few weeks.

[***I was going to refer to Mags’ ‘annual Christmas tidy-up’, but realised that implied she only tidied up once a year. This is NOT true. She does tidy up more than that. Honest]


  1. Yes, it's getting completely bonkers, isn't it Angela? I just keep referring back to your Top Tips for Christmas post and I'm alright again!!Hope you're having a good week so far and thanks so much for your sweet comment on mine. x

  2. Have just read this- laughing heartily but silently because they're all in bed. How can you delude your readers in this shameful way? You know I only tidied up the first time you came and haven't done it since... And please do as Nana implies- bring back Top Tips!!


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