Sunday, 16 December 2012

Pause in Advent 2012 - #3

Maybe this Christmas will mean something more
Maybe this year love will appear
Deeper than ever before
And maybe forgiveness will ask us to call
Someone we love
Someone we’ve lost
For reasons we can’t quite recall
Maybe this Christmas

Maybe there’ll be an open door
Maybe the star that shined before
Will shine once more…
And maybe this Christmas will find us at last
In heaven, at peace
Prayed for at least
For the love we’ve been shown in the past
Maybe this Christmas

Maybe this Christmas

Thank you Simon, for introducing me to this piece by Canadian songwriter Ron Sexsmith, and for what you wrote about it the other week. This year I keep coming back to the same thought – the greatest gifts are beyond price

Love, Joy, Peace…and Hope


  1. Hi Angela, I love this gentle song and it's powerful words. I enjoyed reading what Simon had to say about it too.
    Wishing you Joy on this third Sunday of Advent.
    Claire xo

  2. What beautiful words.
    I do hope you are both feeling better now.

  3. Yes, the greatest gifts.
    Beautiful. Thank you, good truth speaker.

  4. I love how you make the true, important point, simply without any rambling! Love that song!x

  5. Great reminders for this lovely Pause in Advent. Merry Christmas. :)


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