Monday, 31 December 2012

Mussel Man


We went to the coast on Saturday – a picked up a generous bag of mussels for £4 [I love the trusting nature of the Norfolk locals – they leave out bags of mussels and a tub for your money!] When we got back to Cornerstones, Bob tried out his new pasta machine [birthday gift from Steph last month]He made tagliatelle, and then cooked the mussels with a simple sauce [celery, carrot, onion, garlic, cream and white wine] Delicious!


  1. when mussels were in season we had musels on Saturday . Me one side of the table , hubby the opposite side . Mussels in a dish (very carefully cleaed by myself)a plate of brown bread and butter and a dish of olive oil and lemon juice , black pepper and salt . We would dip a mussel in the oil and the brown bread too . We were like the Bisto kids . Food for the gods.
    We picked fresh mussels one year from a pier in Wales, I have never tasted them so frsh since.
    Hapy NewYear

  2. YUMMY!
    I am watching Doc Martin on Netflix. I'm completely addicted to it and can't quit thinking about the characters and the Cornwall backdrops. Breathtaking! Lynn told me that she likes it, too. Why did I just hear about this? I love your programs! You told me about The Archers, too. FUN! Happy New Year, Angela!

    1. Like US TV, I think that you have to be selective about UK TV.Some good, some AWFUL, and some you can watch over and over again. Happy New Year PP xx

  3. Sounds fab, Angela. Please can Bob come and cook for me?

  4. That's funny, we just had mussels, but sadly courtesy of Lidl rather than freshly caught. Happy New Year!

  5. That looks wonderful! A Happy New Year to both of you. :)


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