Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Get In The Picture 2012

This year we moved location. Originally we planned to use the grassed area in front of the church building – but heavy rain on Thursday night, and cold winds on Friday made that impossible. So we moved inside.

We set up tables and served drinks and cakes in the church vestibule, and put up a backdrop and manger [and that palm tree] on the platform at the front of the chapel.


Check out all our pictures here

We had a stunning selection of cakes too – special mention must go to Hannah’s donation of a Pear and Honey Layer Cake [I should have taken a photo, sorry] That was so popular that the Anglicans asked for the recipe to publish in their church magazine! Thank you to everyone who gave time, effort and food to make the two days work so well, especially Sue and Marilyn. Bob and I were both less than 100% fit, and were grateful for all the help.

Doing it inside made changing and arranging scenes a lot easier. Giving away free food was a good move – some people dropped in for a cuppa and then decided to GITP as well.


It was really lovely for me to meet Linda for the first time, who reads this blog, and literally lives just round the corner from the church [who knew?!]

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