Thursday 27 December 2012

Chocs Away!


Not my idea – I think I first read in in Martha Stewart Living, years ago. But here’s a simple way of giving gifts to a lot of people without major outlay – but still making them personal from you.


Begin with a stack of interesting chocolate bars. These came in packs of 5 from a Continental supermarket of which I am very fond – some is plain, some milk, some has orange flavouring, some has nuts.

Now design your labels

DSCF4739You need to measure your bars, and make them wide enough to cover the whole bar, and long enough to wrap round and overlap

Find some suitable graphics, and decide on your personalised greeting.

Some Pritt stick or double sided tape will hold the label in place.


Wrapped in pairs, they’ve gone to our deacons and the members of our worship team – with much love and thanks for all they do all year



  1. Great idea, can I ask how you manage to cut such neat circles for your gift tags, I'm assuming you've made them from last years cards.

    1. I use a Xcut circle cutter like these
      I got mine very cheaply in The Range

    2. thank you for that, I'll check it out.

  2. A jolly good idea! I've just been writing that we gave bars of FT chocolate to our niece ad nephews to go with their vouchers - this would have been fun! I'll remember it in future.

  3. What a clever and lovely idea.It would also be good for an individual but personalized gift too. I hope I remember it!

  4. WOW!! These are absolutely fabulous Angela, I think you are a very clever lady, such a brilliant idea. personalised gifts are always a winner no matter what they are.
    Karen x

  5. Nice. I know a worship leader who would love this choc away!

  6. This is a marvellous idea!!! They look lovely and show thought and care and appreciation without being too ostentatious. And the spice-rack is genius!!!! (oh and since I'm commenting on different posts here- that child is hilarious in the nativity!!! I have a girl who thinks she's Maria Carey in Year 2, and does this hilarious singing and it makes me think of that!!!)


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