Monday, 10 December 2012


atishoooflu man

First him…



…then me


But we are recovering slowly.

thank you

And a huge thankyou – to all the people who kept the wheels turning  -

  • working on Friday and Saturday at Get In The Picture,
  • at church yesterday, when Bob was too ill to be there,
  • who sorted out the youth group,
  • who sent encouraging messages,
  • who provided a meal,
  • who offered to pick up any food we needed,
  • who led a Carol Service today when I had no voice,
  • and loads of other gestures 

I am so very grateful to God that we are part of such a caring fellowship

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another


  1. Poor you! God send you a speedy recovery!x

  2. It's lovely that your church is so supportive. Hope you both get well very soon, Anne (South west)

  3. I do hope that you both feel tip top very soon.
    Jane x

  4. It's wonderful that you have such a caring back-up. Take care of yourselves. Prayers going forth.

  5. Hoping that you both back to full health soon x

  6. I've just been off work with a really heavy cold. I'm thinking of buying shares in Kleenex because everybody I know who has had this one has got through loads. I demolished 3 boxes on my own plus what my husband used...

    Hope you are both back to normal quickly : )

  7. I hope you feel well soon - at least you got the colds out of the way before Christmas Day!!


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