Monday, 3 December 2012

Anyone Who Had A Heart…

I love Scotch Pancakes [also known as Drop Scones] and on Saturday afternoon, when it was cold and wintry outside I made a batch of batter to cook some. Delicious spread with butter, Nutella or jam!

golden syrupBut there are only two of us- so I just used half the quantity and put the remainder in the fridge. I decided to serve the rest for dessert on Sunday. I planned to put some sultanas in the mix, and pour over warmed Golden Syrup.

Then inspiration struck!

squeezy bottleI got out my yellow squeezy bottle**, thinned the mixture with a little milk and filled it up. Then I carefully piped heart shapes into the melted butter in the pan, and filled them in with batter. I sprinkled half a dozen sultanas onto each shape, and let them cook for a minute or two. When the underside was done, I flipped them over to finish cooking.

I made the hearts in various sizes, and they made a luvverly pudding!


**I got these [I think] in a poundshop, ages ago, one red, one yellow.


  1. Another clever idea from Angela. :)
    Don't you just love the golden syrup tins? I think they are so pretty.

    x x

  2. have you a cheeky recipe for those that you could share ? they look lush

    regards tess

  3. Aaaah...sweet (in more ways than one!).
    Jane x

  4. Angela I'm sure you have seen on the tin of golden syrup The lion ,'and out of the strong ,came forth weakness' I once heard an amazing sermon with this as a theme Goliath etc Jan xx

  5. Yes, I DO love the story of Samson in Judges, and have often told it to children


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