Monday, 4 February 2013

Anybody Got A Spare Camel?

That doesn't mean Bob has got the hump. Although he’d be perfectly entitled to. Despite his excellent care, and constant reminders to “Stop doing that, Ang, go back to the sofa. Now!” I think I tried to do too much on Saturday [pottering round kitchen on my crutches, attempting complicated knitting, banging away on the laptop, stumbling up and downstairs…] and on Sunday was utterly knocked out and in a fair bit of pain. So no church – just lying down, taking painkillers and ..sleeping mostly…

newman md

I watched “Captain Newman MD” [you would not believe how much stuff I have recorded to watch at some unspecified future date] This was because a; I hadn’t seen it, b; It stars Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis and Angie Dickinson c; the blurb said

“contains violent acts, strong language, distressing scenes and SURGERY”

It wasn’t worth the effort of watching. And as far as I could tell, the only surgery was the odd injection!

Beneath-BleedingI also read one of my library books – Val McDermid’s “Beneath The Bleeding”. Only just started reading Val McD stuff [and I have yet to watch any of the ‘Wire in the Blood’ programmes on TV] This one begins with one of the main characters getting his kneecap smashed. It was a clever book, even if some parts of the plot were easy to decipher, even for my drug-sedated brain. But full marks to the author for her brilliant, excruciatingly accurate description of walking on crutches.

I insisted on reading aloud to Bob the paragraph where Tony gets out of bed and struggles to get to the loo and back. Either VMcD has had knee surgery herself or she has been forced to look after someone who has. Every agonising detail was correct!

bonesToday has been a little brighter – mainly because I stayed in bed till 11am. Bob nobly kept me informed about the live feed from the Richard III news conference in Leicester.

They are the King’s bones! Do you think the newly confirmed Archbishop will come up to do the funeral in our Cathedral. We must wait and see on that one…

needle threader

Why do I want a camel? Well I may need to practise [Mark 10:25]

This morning’s post brought a lovely little package of these from Jane at Daisies. Not the usual sort of gift for a convalescent I admit – you will have to wait for further elucidation on that one.

But now I am going to get properly dressed – we are spending the afternoon with BIL & SIL. It will be lovely to get out of the house for a bit!

camel needle lego


  1. Some 'old' movies are fabulous...others should be left well alone. I went through a period of reading Val McDermid books ,boy were they graphic!
    Enjoy your day out.
    Jane x

  2. Do all your chosen activities involve knee/surgery references. You are more organised than even I had thought!

  3. Amazing the King's bones have been found! Nice that he will be given a proper burial and resting place.
    Needle threaders! They are hard to find in my area and usually come 1 in a kit with lots of other cheap, breakable thread that one doesn't need. To have a whole pack is a treat indeed!
    The sofa sounds like a good place to be for a little longer.:-)
    Enjoy your reading,

  4. I am afraid I can't bear to read her books.

    Ang, now I told you to havent been a good girl. Naughty step for you.

  5. Hi Angela - at least with crutches if someone gets a bit uppity you can accidentally whack them in the shin and look innocent! Hope your week goes well.

  6. I know what your gift is for...I used to have one of my own. But I won't give the game away!

  7. The news about Richard III is very exciting - and when I heard it my first thought was of you. :)

    Is it known where he'll be interred? This is bound to revive some of the old controversy about the Princes in the Tower - what do you bet there's already a movie in the works?

    Re crutches: I think one of Dick Francis's heroes has to hobble around on them too (and makes use of them to whack a villain or two) - but I can't remember which one.

    Take it easy!

    (Do you think your little tool would make things any easier for the rich man?)


  8. Angela, wishing you a speedy recovery and if you do manage the thing with the camel, let me know! x


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