Thursday, 28 February 2013

What’s The Opposite of ‘Rev Up’?

Answer – Rev Down.

Bob came off his bike this morning – and by the Grace of God he is absolutely OK. Sadly the bike most definitely isn’t

All this happened at around 10am when he was on his way to a Ministers’ Meeting in Hinckley, and hit a patch of dodgy road surface as he braked approaching a roundabout. The bike went out of control and went over as he got to the roundabout. Bob came off and the bike skidded round, hitting a traffic sign [thus causing damage to offside, nearside and rear]

Major damage to both panniers, the top box, the fairings, mirrors, pillion footrest, the lights and electrics…


My thanks to

  • the first car which stopped, and the woman driver who parked it in such a way as to offer protection for Bob in the road
  • the next car, and the bloke who helped Bob get the bike off the road and onto the grassy centre of the roundabout
  • the anonymous person who called the incident in to the police, and the patrol car which was very quickly on the scene.

At this point things went a little crazy [the caller had apparently reported ‘motorbike and car’ involved] so as well as police, along came a paramedic, then an ambulance, then the Air Ambulance. Thank you to all of them for their efficiency and thoroughness in checking Bob out [they even did an ECG]

I am so incredibly grateful – Bob really was uninjured apart from a grazed knee – but had the injuries been worse [as they so easily could have been] it is very reassuring to know that the emergency services were there so quickly. The scuffs on his leather jacket and biker boots show that they did their job too! ATGATT is a good mantra

Carole Nash Bike Insurance were brilliant, and provided prompt recovery to get the bike back home to our garage. Now we await the visit of their assessor. Then we’ll know if it is a write-off or worthy of repair [we suspect maybe the former, it’s a rather elderly bike]


We are not at all sure what happens next. Clearly our plans to take the bike to Norfolk after Easter, and also to Blackpool in May for the Baptist Assembly are scuppered.

Bob texted me at lunchtime to say he’d had an accident with the bike and that he was uninjured but the bike was a mess. I picked up the text just as my two Year 6 pupils arrived [early!] for their afternoon SATS support session.

Are you OK? one asked, so I explained why I was a little distracted..

“Miss, you can buy another bike, but you can’t buy another husband” said one of them. Which is absolutely true.

Oh and thank you too, to all Bob’s Facebook friends for their kind messages of support, which have poured in all afternoon.

And thank the Lord for his protection and grace.


  1. So sorry to read this, but very thankful that Bob is OK. As the child quite rightly pointed out, that is the most important fact.

    The DVD arrived home yesterday - thanks for the lovely note, and very glad you enjoyed it xxx

  2. Oh Ang, what a shock for you both. Praise the Lord that Bob was not hurt, it could have been so different without what I think must have been divine intervention.

  3. I hope all is well soon and you are ale to fullfill your Easter plans

  4. By the grace of God, was the first thing that came in to my mind and what a well grounded pupil you have there Ang.

    I can not imagine the shock that you must have both gone though, but I am glad that Bob is OK.

    Sending love as always

  5. Oh, Ang, thank God indeed. You are both going to be very shaken by this at some point (maybe now, but maybe later). I was fine for days after our car accident and only had a real 'low' the following weekend - so do continue to look out for each other and don't expect too much of yourselves.

  6. I am so glad to hear that Bob is unhurt. I hope that you get a decision on the bike as quickly as possible. Jx

  7. Thank the Lord for Bob's safety. Sending love and hugs x x x

  8. Oh my goodness! We are both so relieved that Bob is OK. As Floss said, the body may make a little time to react so expect the unexpected. Chris was terribly quiet for a few days after a car accident several Christmases ago.One cat in particular wouldn't let Chris out of his sight for a week.
    An extra prayer of thanks going up tonight.
    Jane xx

  9. hoping you are also unscathed after such an upset excuse lack of punctuation but I am on a tablet which is not entirely comfortable but at least it is upstairs. Much, much love to the rev up and down. Oh look, there is punctuation after all...

  10. Am thanking the Lord he's ok :)

  11. Thank goodness that Bob is alright. I was always worried about coming off my bike. My brother in law came off his on a patch of oil. He was a plain clothes biker cop, and had to take early retirement because of his injuries. Love to Bob.

  12. Glad to hear Bob is OK. Hope no delayed aches, pains or shock have arisen today. Best wishes, Sarah

  13. So glad Bob is ok. Shame about the bike and hope it can be fixed. Best wishes to Bob from all of us x

  14. Thank God that Bob is fine...and was wearing leathers. I see young kids round here on their scooters in nothing but shorts and strappy tops (though not in this weather!) and I always think "If you came off you'd be shredded!" God keep you both well

  15. Thanks to God that Bob is alright. Best wishes.

  16. Thank you everyone-we really appreciate all the love and good wishes which have been arriving almost non stop since yesterday morning!

  17. Good grief - the outcome could have been a lot worse but thankfully Bob's ok. Please please stick to four wheels from now on!

  18. Sorry to hear about the accident but so glad that Bob is alright, as you said you can buy another bike but not another Bob! xxx

  19. So glad that Bob is alright.

  20. You have some very wise Year 6 pupils! I am also glad Bob is OK. Lesley xx

  21. My heart goes out to you, having been in your situation a few times. So glad Bob is ok now. The emergency services are always brilliant and the kid's dad would not be here without them and quick thinking passers by. I too give thanks.

  22. Folks - you've all been very loving and kind. I am completely fine - not even aches and pains (well, not caused by the crash, at any rate. The bike is being assessed by the insurers next week, and then I'll get to find out what happens next. I'm so grateful for all the prayers, all the practical assistance, and all the skilled people who have seen me through this.

    No, it hasn't put me off biking! They always say that if you fall of a bike (horse, other riding thing) you should get straight back on; so as soon as there's something to ride, I'm back at it.

    Might as well keep those pesky guardian angels occupied, eh?

  23. Bob - your last sentence made me laugh and seems very apt for me at the mo :)

  24. Oh my goodness, I haven't really been around blogging much this week (Friday quick stop in before WWDP), praise God that Bob is ok and for all the goodness of those involved

  25. I don't know how I missed this post until now.
    So sorry to hear about Bob's mishap, but glad he was ok. It could happen to anyone, a slippery surface or a pothole has been the undoing of many a careful motorcyclist.

    It makes me cringe whenever I see people riding with bare arms or legs. No matter how uncomfortable the clothing is, especially in very hot weather, I always think how much more uncomfortable it is if you come off. And for an awfully long time.


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