Wednesday, 13 February 2013

There’s More To Lent Than Pancakes!

OK, I am not a Roman Catholic – but I do appreciate this special time of Lent, which starts today, Ash Wednesday. I thought this was an extremely helpful [and commendably brief] explanatory video

I believe the recent decision of the Pope to step down from his role is a brave and wise one – may God give wisdom to those who must make decisions about the next person to hold this office [and give Joseph Ratzinger a peaceful and happy retirement!]


  1. Excellent video! I particularly liked the section on community.

  2. I've been thinking a lot about lent this last day or so, and about the idea of action rather than words.

  3. He's the only honest person in the news this week. I'm not a Roman Catholic either but the poor man must be weary of the constant internal battles within his church which never seem to be resolved but stay firmly in the Middle Ages.Neither wonder he wants to retire.


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