Sunday, 24 February 2013

Those Whom God Has Joined Together…

All Saints Church, Newtown Linford, dates from the 16th century with links to the Grey family. Inside there is a stained glass window commemorating the life and death of Lady Jane Grey [who lived just across the way in Bradgate Park] Yesterday I was there for Sophie and Rob’s wedding – which was extremely lovely despite the cold church

The colour theme was lilac/purple [useful as it was Lent, so matched the hangings on the pulpit etc] I really should have taken photos of the two Mums, who both had stunning outfits. Sarah had a fabulous blue fascinator, whilst Lynda’s long hair was in a stylish ‘up-do’ which reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.

Sorry, I didn’t take many pictures- just the happy couple coming down the aisle. I imagine Sophie was very grateful for her little fur capelet – but I am not sure how warm Rob was in his kilt! You can just see the balloon weights inside each pew.

Here’s one of the pedestal flower arrangements I prepared on Friday [when it was snowing outside the church and freezing inside]


My friend Peter, the vicar who conducted the ceremony, gave the couple a wedding present – a “Twix”. He used this for his sermon, and said this was a good picture of marriage –

  • the two parts belong together
  • the base should be firm
  • there is a sweet, soft layer
  • the bars are surrounded by chocolate [and in a happy marriage the couple should be surrounded by love]
  • Twix is made for sharing
  • if they get warm, the chocolate melts and fuses the two bars together, similarly in marriage, if bathed in the warmth of God’s love, a couple truly become one.


[I have also heard that James and Kirstie’s wedding was equally great, the bridesmaids in champagne colour dresses, and the wedding sermon was based on The Marriage at Cana!]


  1. The church looks lovely. How sensible of the bride to wear a fur bolero.

  2. It is my sister and her husband's 40th wedding anniversary today. My sister wore a dress with a beautiful hood...they too had purple and lilac!

  3. Oh how lovely! And your arrangements are beautiful!

  4. Lovely. Really like the Twix talk.


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