Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Thought For the Zzzzz….

snoopy2Have you noticed that when the body is busy healing itself, it leaves little energy for anything else? The adrenalin rush of Thursday-Saturday has definitely worn off now.

So excuse me if I just spend today doing nothing much. When the medics say “It will take you at least a fortnight to feel 100% again” They have good evidence for that!


  1. Hope it takes you less than a fortnight to feel well again.
    I'm sure a lot of that unwellness feeling is due to the anaesthetic. Once you get past that... onwards and upwards : )

  2. How very sensible. Rest and recuperate.

  3. Rest up, missus. Life will be more than waiting for you in a few weeks' time!

  4. I'll send one of the cats over to show you how REAL sleeping is done.
    Jane x

  5. Rest well and please send me your address. I thought I had it but can nor find it

  6. have a cuppa and switch on the TV. 4pm BBC1 always a restful programme.
    Take care. Dxxx

  7. I have been resting - lots. Now watching snow falling outside. Pretty to look at, glad I am not outside walking or driving in it.

    Thanks for kind wishes- keep warm and safe, my friends

  8. Take advantage of it and do what you're told young lady!!!! ;0)

    Hope you are better soon!x


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