Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cash Windfall!

The other week I read that one of the simple pleasures in life is ‘finding money down the back of the sofa’ This rarely seems to happen in our house. We have tight budgets, not loose change!

However, last week, Bob decided to deal with the box of tinned food in the garage. It was stuff leftover from Christmas and had come back from Cornerstones, but not been properly sorted and put into the correct places on the shelf. And in the bottom of the box was …


…a small bag of chocolate coins. I meant to put these in  the stockings for Christmas morning, but then mislaid them. It is not best quality dark chocolate** – but it will be fun to serve one in the saucer with a cup of coffee, or as a garnish on top of dessert such as a cheapo Approved Foods Butterscotch Whip

A little Christmas treat in February – a simple pleasure indeed!

I’ve heard that in some hotels, they leave a chocolate on the pillow for guests. Not sure I like that idea – what if it melts on the pillowcase? or you don’t find it until you climb into bed ? [and then you’d have to get out again to clean your teeth a second time] Are they the same hotels as the ones which do origami stuff with the end of the loo roll

**it is Lidl budget stuff- the label says best before September 2014 – however I don't plan to keep this coinage for the 2013 Xmas Stockings. That would be a little too frugal, even for me.


  1. I've hidden two bags of Lidl coins, that got forgotten about...I wonder if they'll survive until Christmas. Also, for relatively newbie followers like me, I'm always curious when you mention Cornerstones...is it your real house? Is it far from where you are?

  2. Because Bob is a minister, we live in a church house here in Leicestershire. Cornerstones is the bungalow in Norfolk where we plan to retire one day - the story is here


    Until 2021, it is our holiday home [and we also let it out to friends who need a break] It is 110 miles door-to-door, straight down the A47 - and takes us 2¾ hrs with a quick stop halfway! We are now one third way thru paying off the mortgage.

    The bungalow has proved a real Godsend, we are so grateful for it. It is a bolthole when we need to get some time and space - and others have found peace and recreation there too. Thanks for asking!!

    1. Ah ha! It all becomes clear! I thought it was probably something like that but thanks for explaining - I like to have a map in my mind of where my bloggy friends are! Off to read the Cornerstones story.

  3. You could save the rest for St. Patrick's Day!

  4. "Where there's muck, there's brass"...think I'll go and have a look under the beds!
    Jane x

  5. Hee hee, I found chocolate coins in two seperate bags on SUnday- one lot had gone outside of their best before date and tasted vile!!!!x

  6. Did Bob see the letter on facebook from one of these gold buying places to a person who had sent in chocolate coins for valuation? Hilarious!!


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