Thursday, 7 February 2013

To Dye For?

Some reflections from the sofa…

pantone purples

“The great thing about Tyrian Purple dye was that the colour became more intense as the fabric aged”…have you seen the bruise on my knee. Lydia of Thyatira would have been proud of it!


Elbow CrutchThis morning’s Bible reading was from Exodus 4 and I happened to read it in the ‘Good News Version’ where verse 17 says

“Take this walking stick with you, for with it you will perform miracles”

These miracles do not include carrying a tray of food from the kitchen to the lounge whilst negotiating elbow crutches! I am having a smashing time convalescing [total of one dish, one mug, one ramekin thus far…]

vista cat

I did get out of the house this morning [I was beginning to go Stir-Crazy] I accompanied Bob to our local home for the visually impaired, as he was conducting a funeral in the little chapel there, for one of the residents [she was 103] Before the service, the home’s pet cat wandered into the chapel, and was removed by a member of staff- but the cat returned- jumped onto the altar, walked across the coffin and then strolled casually across Bob’s bible on the lectern! Bob was totally unfazed by all this – and even managed to weave the feline into his address!

Planning to spend the rest of the day back on the sofa, writing sermon notes, and knitting a teacosy similar to this one, from this lovely book which I’ve mentioned before.

teacosyknitters year


  1. Angela, if you are trying to carry the try in your hands in the normal manner accidents are going to happen, however if you take a leaf out of the old sea dog book and use the hammock principle for an unsteady situation you may find it helps.

    Place the tray in a bag and carry that in letting it swing gently as you move to keep the centre of gravity even or even use a tupperware box rather than a tray. Don't over fill your cups though!

  2. Cats need to say goodbye too.
    Hugs to Bob for including the cat.
    Jane x

  3. And why shouldn't a cat join in?!
    How nice that you got out, it can be very hard staying in one place for a long time.

  4. This is uncanny! Wait till you read the post I am just about to write! lol!

  5. What a lovely story. I've just nominated you for a Leibster Award! xxx

  6. I think a day on the sofa knitting sounds lovely. Just sorry you had to injure yourself to earn it!



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