Saturday, 23 February 2013

Music Night

Just home from the Church where Hayley, our youth worker, had arranged a Music Night to raise funds for the youth group. She and her band provided music, another of her mates organised the Hog Roast, and I did an alco-free bar [ably assisted by Hannah and Grace- thanks, girls] Despite my assertion yesterday that I don’t do disco dancing, I did get a little carried away [and followed Bob and friends all round the room, dancing to "the Proclaimers “500 miles”] I shall suffer for this tomorrow!! But it was all enormous fun

hayleys music night-001

Not quite sure about all those people dancing like Suggs…


But we certainly enjoyed ourselves


[If you want details of the cocktails we served, do email me.]


  1. Looks like a great night was had by all!
    Jane x

  2. How fun, Angela!
    Do pop over and take a look at the boys and the passport. Photos of the book to follow! Thank you for the gorgeous pouches that kept everything safe! I love your contributions. I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness!

  3. Ha ha, I adore this Ange!!! You look like you're having a ball! What a nice evening!x

  4. Very much loving all the photos and stories from your crazy busy weekend!

  5. Why wasn't I there??? Heard the last number from the band when I picked Emma up. They were great. I blame Emma who forgot to tell me about it till the last minute.....


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