Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pasta, Not Pancakes

Although it is Shrove Tuesday, we didn’t have pancakes this evening


I am very grateful to Bob for sorting out most of the meals over the last couple of weeks. Tonight he made some pasta and sauce and topped it with a grilled sardine [pilchard]. It was delicious.

He’s really getting the hang of the pasta machine now, and the tagliatelli strips were even in size and very tasty. The rich tomato based sauce complemented the fish rather well. He paid just 79p for a pair of generously sized Cornish sardines in the supermarket yesterday – so the meal was both enjoyable and inexpensive.

I am glad that the fishing industry down in the SW has seen a revival in fortune of late – but very sad today to hear of the death of Trevor Grills from the Port Isaac Fisherman's Friends Choir following an accident on Saturday, which also claimed the life of their tour Manager, Paul McMullen.


Find out more about these big hearted singers here, and an explanation of why pilchards are now called Cornish Sardines here

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  1. Cornwall folk are very sad on hearing about the tragedy.


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