Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Return Of The King


It has been such an exciting week here in Leicester – confirmation that the bones found in the carpark are truly those of King Richard III


People have flocked to the Guildhall to the free exhibition, to see the artefacts, and informative interactive displays [and an amazing replica skeleton made in  plastic, using MRI scan technology and a 3D printer] One woman, interviewed in the queue said she had flown in from New York, where it was the top news story. She said she’d jumped straight on a plane and come to see for herself! [Our top news story has been about horse-burgers!]


Helen Fairhead, from Leicestershire Promotions, said they expected the exhibition to give a boost to tourism in the city and the county."This is extremely exciting for us, I have never known anything quite as phenomenal as this in our region in terms of the impact it will have on local tourism and the economy.”

And it is exciting – once I am off these crutches and able to get around more comfortably, I shall be into the city and queuing up for my chance to have a look at it all – because I love history, because I feel privileged to live so close to where it is all happening, and because for years I have felt poor old Richard has been unfairly treated.

But you know what?

He is just a Dead King

and last year they found his bones buried in the ground.

The greater news – which deserves to beat archaeological discoveries, horsemeat in the lasagne, and an MP trying to avoid a conviction for speeding to be the Top Headline this week and any week, is about an empty tomb, and all about Jesus

He is the King of Kings, and Alive Forever!

I suspect that people will be talking about Jesus long after Richard of York is not just dead, but re-buried and completely forgotten.

I just have this hunch!


  1. When I first heard the news about poor old Dicky this week, the first thing I thought was 'Angela will be pleased to hear this! I found the whole subject fascinating - isn't it amazing that they can use all that technology to find out those old bones really did belong to a dead King and yet, people have been eating horsemeat for a while now, it seems, and nobody knew? 'Perhaps if Richard was alive today he'd be saying 'A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a lasagne;!

  2. I watched the documentary last Monday and will be getting myself over to have a look as soon as possible! Jx

  3. It is exciting, but I do wish there wasn't so much controversy over his burial place.

  4. Not gotten around ti watching the documentary yet but hope to soon. Have you been parking the car on top of Richard all these years ?

  5. Fascinating stuff and the opinion about what exactly the chap was like is very divided. Jon studied the play at school where he was referred to as Dick the **it! (The king, not JOn) lol!

  6. We saw it on the news at school and the students are fascinated!


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