Wednesday 20 February 2013

Heart-Felt Request

Just before my op, I borrowed this lovely book from the library

mollie-makes- xmas

I fully intended to blog about it – and then completely forgot! It has all sorts of fun projects – knitting, sewing, crochet, papercrafts etc.

mm xmas cottages


mm xmas starsmm xmas stocking

I have never done needle-felting, but I was particularly taken with the lovely little Christmas Village. Felt is so warm, and tactile…


Then yesterday I read a post by Pomona – about Gretel Parker, the talented artist who created this felt project. Although I did not recognise GP’s name, I remember seeing some of the Christmas Decorations she has designed for Gisela Graham [they sell them in the posh shops of Upmarket Bosworth near here]

gretel parker holly-mouse-fairy-giselagretel parker Little-rocking-horses-decor

Since Christmas, Gretel’s life has been turned upside down, and she is experiencing real problems. Only a few weeks after buying their first home together, she suddenly lost her sweetheart, Andy, after 21 years together. She has to face bereavement, funeral costs, a mortgage to pay…and much else besides [and artists don’t earn much, and don’t have a regular income, and she’s not in a position to create much right now]

gretel parker, artist

Gretel’s blog is read by artists and craftspeople round the world- and two of her American followers, Suzanne and Tara have worked out a way to help Gretel. They set up an online charity [here] with the aim of raising a fixed sum in 40 days. They are two thirds of the way through their time – and thus far have just 40% of their total. But as the story is spread, I hope there will be a greater influx of donations.

Just lately I have thought so much about what it means to be “Community” and this is one example of the Virtual Community of Blogland working together to do good.

I am not suggesting that everyone who reads this blog should send some money – giving is a very personal thing, and we all have to decide how and where we share our resources. But if 20% of the people who read this blog pass on the story – through blogs, Twitter,or Facebook – and 20% of their followers reblog or retweet – and 20% of their followers each sent just £2 …they’d probably exceed their total! If you do feel able to help – thank you!

gretel parker Circus-bookends


  1. Thank you for passing this on - you have put it so much better than me! Let's hope we can make one of those tree diagrams of it all, where it just gets bigger and bigger.

    Pomona x

  2. Thank YOU Pomona, for getting the ball rolling in this little corner of Blogland!

  3. Lovely. And it's good to have people we trust encouraging giving.


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