Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pause in Lent 2013 #2

A Pause in Lent Floss

This one is not mine – it is based on something Bob did in church the other week [using photographs of our own church members]

Look at these chins – can you recognise these famous people?


Having given people the opportunity to work out who was who, Bob said that we don’t always need to see the whole face to recognise someone. Often we can work it out from just a glimpse of the person – but obviously, the more you can see, the better.

If we are Christians, do people glimpse Jesus when they see us? How much of his character is shown in our lives? Challenging thoughts.

[the selection above is quite random. I shall give you the answers later in the week!]


  1. I can see the Queen and Pres. Obama.....

  2. I think I know about 3 or 4, but very uncertain.

    A Challenging post, thanks.

  3. I think I know 5!

  4. I'm thinking I may have got 7, but some are guesses! And yes, glimpses of Jesus... I wonder. Here, it pretty much all has to be non-spoken evangelism (most French people are aggressively secular) and so it's a real test of our lives, not our words, to show a glimpse of Jesus. Matter for prayer - thank you, Ang!


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