Thursday, 21 February 2013

Stitch Up!

There is such a great deal of satisfaction in teaching someone a new skill. Especially when they try hard, listen to what is said, and then remember it for next time!

My latest sewing pupil had never handled a sewing machine before. At our first session recently, she learned to thread up the machine and make a tissue holder, and produced a name-badge on my embroidery machine. At the second session, she made a bag to hold future sewing projects.


My efforts at teaching numeracy and literacy do not always produce such good results in such a short space of time. Maybe I should have concentrated my career on being a needlework teacher!

“Have I taught any of you children in this class before?” I asked some Year 3 children this week, when doing supply cover.

“Yes Miss, in Year 1 – you told us the story about Bob and Ben the builders” replied a little girl

“And Ben built a bungalow on the sand, but Bob was sensible and put his at the top of the cliff” added one of the boys.

I found it quite encouraging to realise they remembered the story, when that RE lesson must have been about two years ago.

Today will be intensive numeracy and literacy support groups all day!


  1. Just made some of those tissue holders they are great little gifts and sell well at the local Marie Curie coffee mornings. I have just ordered some scottie dog fabric to make myself a shopping bag.

    Enjoy your day
    Karen x

  2. I'd love too attend your sewing classes..I think I may test your patience though!
    Jane x

  3. You're a super teacher. I looked at the hole in Mattman's jeans last night and knew exactly what to do!

  4. Hello there
    Just rushing round to check that your bottom is NOT soggy but IS aligned. This sort of detail is important in life I think
    I hope that this comment is not misconstrued by anyone!
    You make me laugh!
    Best wishes
    La Cootard

  5. those tissue holders are so cute and useful; well done!


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