Saturday, 9 February 2013

Swimming Against The Current

Morgan** lent me Salmon Fishing In The Yemen – and I loved it. I have since read various online reviews which were unbelievably snooty about the film. Well, I don’t care- I thought it was fun!

It is clearly aimed at a middle-aged, middle-class, middle England audience. Not at the ‘film critic of the Guardian’ or whoever. And as such, this happy little ‘feelgood film’ hits it target bang on!

fishy business…

Scottish Ewan McGregor [who I suspect may turn into an Alec Guinness clone as he gets older] plays the buttoned up scientist, who helps Emily Blunt in her attempt make a dream come true for her boss [the Very Rich Sheik] Kristin Scott Thomas is a sharp tongued political spokesperson, who let nothing get in her way to achieve the desired result. [I believe there are some head teachers like that]

Filmed in London, Scotland and Yemen Morocco [!], it shows lovely scenery and there are some great characters. I am told [by those who know] that the author’s portrayal of ‘the bureaucracy surrounding how the Civil Service organises such things’ is uncannily accurate.

I am looking forward to reading Paul Torday’s book, on which the film was based, as I understand it has a slightly different ending. The DVD Morgan lent me has some extras – including an interesting interview with Torday.

If you are old enough to remember the TV ad below, you are probably in the right demographic to enjoy Mr McGregor’s performance!

first shown 1983

**If you can, please do pray for Morgan and her family at the moment, as her husband is quite unwell in hospital- and she is driving most days to see him [and it’s a 60 mile round trip]


  1. I haven't seen it yet but my sister reviewed it for Empire - I hope you think she was't too snooty!

    It seems like she enjoyed it - so going on your review and hers, I'll look out for it now. Thank you!

    1. No I don't think that her review is snooty at all. It is an honest and fairly stated opinion - I just object to those critics who are unnecessarily unkind! I know that not every film will appeal to every viewer, but just because I do not like something, I do not feel I should be nasty about the people involved [as some SFITY critics were]

      Watch it if you can, Floss!

    2. Yes, Ang, the very fact that Empire asked her to review it, instead of their usual snooty middle aged men, is an indication that they didn't rate it very highly. She complains that they usually only give her the films they don't take seriously, because she is (whisper it) only a young woman... But maybe things are improving on that front now! I shall see if I can borrow it...

  2. I read the book and loved it, so avoided the film in case I would be disappointed. You make me reconsider! Bon courage to Morgan and family x

    1. Just received a copy of the book in the post from another blogfriend- so will now read that - and probably review it!

  3. I take more store from certain friends' reviews than professional reviewers.Your review of 'Sherlock' prompted us to buy both series on DVD. We are now confirmed Sherlock geeks.
    Jane x

  4. We saw the film on DVD a couple of weeks ago and loved it.
    I can't stand violence, bad language, horror or what goes for comedy these days so this film was really refreshing as it had none of those, just a lovely story with a happy ending. Who cares what the critics thought - we don't!


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