Tuesday 19 February 2013


adjective, blander, blandest.

1.pleasantly gentle or agreeable: a bland, affable manner.

2.soothing or balmy, as air: a bland southern breeze.

3.non-irritating, as food or medicines: a bland diet.

4.not highly flavoured; mild; tasteless: a bland sauce.

5.lacking in special interest, liveliness, individuality, etc.; insipid; dull: a bland young man; a bland situation comedy



A wonderful [and anything but bland] comedy which has brightened Sunday evenings for the past few weeks. And now, sadly, it’s finished. I do hope the Beeb produces another series!


Mags tells me it was filmed on the Crom Estate in N.I. That’s another reason to go back to the province for a visit!


  1. Was that the last episode? Blow, blow, blow. Praise be for iPlayer! Crom top of the next Almond list. Last night we were driving down to Cooking Catherine's and Jo said, "Wasn't Angela great fun when she came to stay?" Indeed, yes!

  2. I never really got into this but as mentioned above, thanks to modern technology I can go back and have a good viewing session!

  3. It isn't often we find a TV programme that all 4 of us enjoy, but Blandings has been one. I so hope they do another series.

  4. I bet Angela is GREAT fun, indeed!
    I must search for the series right away.

  5. We loved it too! Personally I think the pig was the star of the show.

  6. Oh, I hope we can find this series over here in the States. It's so awful when my UK friends talk about their wonderful BBC, and we don't get the good stuff over here.



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