Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Actually It Is Only 36 Years

…since a Brit won Wimbledon – people seem to have forgotten Virginia Wade’s triumph in 1977 [or do only men** count?]

Virginia-Wade 1977

VW is a clergyman’s daughter and a Maths graduate, she smiles a lot and she wears great cardigans. In fact we have much in common [although I am 8” shorter, and totally hopeless at playing tennis]

**as well as VW winning the Women's’ Singles in 77, there was Dorothy Round Little in 1937, Angela Mortimer in 1961, and Ann Hayden-Jones in 1969. British women have won Wimbledon three times in my lifetime.

1977 was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year and the centenary of the Wimbledon championships. Her Majesty actually attended the final and presented VW with the trophy. She didn’t give her an OBE for another nine years. If Andy gets a knighthood, surely her Damehood is well overdue!

Happy Birthday Virginia, 68 today


  1. I don't watch tennis but I agree with your comment whole heartedly . Hear,hear
    People have short memories and many only seem to live for the moment.

  2. Also, it was 77 years since Fred Perry won the men's singles, Virginia wade won in '77, and this year's men's final was on 7/7. Co-incidence? I think not!!!

  3. Well said, Angela. Proof, if it were needed that that we aren't quite there with equality, just yet.

  4. I remember Virginia Wade and her frilly tennis knickers! LOL

    It would be most unfair if they knight Murray but Virginia gets nothing!

    Happy birthday Virginia Wade. :)

  5. I remember the Queen presenting the trophy to VW in 1977 too. Always been useless at the game myself.
    Jane x

  6. I think it's very bad that the media seem to have forgotten these victories.

  7. I was pretty sure that a woman had won it fairly recently but I am afraid I not into Tennis enough to have a clue who! She sounds great!x


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