Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dolly Mixture #2


Sarah asked for the patterns for the jumper/hat. The dolly is 30cm tall with a 22cm chest

I used 4ply wool and 3mm needles.



Cast on 22st. Work 4 rows in k1p1 rib. Change to stst

Cast on 1 st at each end of next and every following 8th row to 28sts.

Work 5 rows. Cast off.


Cast on 28sts. Work 4 rows k1p1 rib. Change to stst

Work 10 rows stst

Cast off 3sts at beg of next 2 rows [22sts]**

Work 10 rows stst

Work 2 rows k1p1 rib

Cast off in rib


Work as front to **

Work 4 rows

Knit 11 sts, turn

[Next row k2 p9. Next row p2 k9] Repeat those 2 rows three times

Next row k2p9. Work 2 rows in k1p1rib. Cast off

Rejoin yarn to remaining stitches [WS facing]

[next row p2k9. Next row k2p9] repeat 4 times

Work 2 rows k1p1rib, Cast off in rib.


Overlap ribbing at shoulder. Sew sleeves into place

Sew sleeve seams and side seams

Sew 2 buttons on the back and make loops.


Cast on 70sts. Work 4 rows in k1p1 rib. Work 10 rows stst

row 15 – *k8 k2tog* repeat to end

row 16 – *p2tog, p7* rpt to end

row 17 – *k6 k2tog* repeat to end

row 18 – *p2tog, p5* rpt to end

row 19 – *k4 k2tog* repeat to end

row 20 – *p2tog, p3* rpt to end

row 21 – *k2 k2tog* repeat to end

row 22 – *p2tog, p1* rpt to end

row 23 – k2tog to end

Thread yarn through remaining stitches, draw up and sew up back seam. [oh – i forgot to mention that I did rows 9&10 in contrast yarn!]

I hope these instructions make sense- I did make them up as I went along!


  1. I am afraid that I cannot remember! I must ask Liz and Steph what she's called.


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