Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dolly Mixture

IMG_0138Up in the loft, hunting for Holiday Club Stuff [and dodging drowsy wasps who are nesting under the eaves] I spotted a bare brown leg sticking out of a bag of toys. I retrieved the doll. She belonged originally to Liz I think. I cannot remember her name [I had a dolly like this called Susannah who mysteriously disappeared when we moved house in 1965]

But this dolly was sadly lacking in clothes. So I dug out the fabric saved from my green coat last month and made her a duffle coat. I used some of the original buttons, and lining.


Then I took leftover yarn from the recently finished cardi and knitted her a jumper and a hat, and made her some trousers with some black fabric from the Great Stash.

That looks better!



I think I shall have to go the whole way and make her some little felt shoes, and maybe a set of decent underwear too.

Then I guess I should probably refurbish the dolly’s bed last slept on by the Willows Three


I must not let this project take over. August is far too busy for me to indulge in dressing dolls. Holiday Club is looming on the horizon.


  1. She looks so much better now Angela. Dare I say it all set for winter? I have several dollies without clothes that could do with the same treatment. I really should get on with it!

  2. Nice work! Lovely doll. Reminds me of one I used to have as a child.

  3. Her clothes are brilliant, you're so clever!

  4. My DD is in love with your dolly. She wants and little jumper and hat for her baby now. Would you be a wonder and share your patterns please? In return you can have 5 brownie points and my undying gratitude :)
    x x x

  5. How cute! You whipped that wardrobe up so quickly!

  6. Dolly must be dressing to visit us...it's a chilly 23C today..going to drop to 20C by the weekend.Summer? Huh!
    Jane x

  7. Such a fun project. Living in a house full of boys, I don't think I'll come across any dolls in need of a new wardrobe, but now I'm tempted to go to Good Will and find one for myself!


  8. Oh how lovely!Clever you! What great recycling!x


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