Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Keep Your Head!

helmetsLast term I was talking to a pupil at school who said he had a bicycle for his birthday. “Do you wear a helmet?” I asked “Oh no, Miss, I would get laughed at” THIS photo shows why cycle helmets matter [click to see photo]

On Friday, Liz rang us to say Jon had been knocked off his bike at the Elephant and Castle roundabout, by a white van, which did not stop. By the grace of God, Jon was unhurt, and there was a St John’s Ambulance guy in the vehicle behind – which did stop, and gave assistance.

Cycle helmets don’t cost that much – but they could save your life. Looking at the hole in Jon’s helmet, I am so glad he was wearing it!

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  1. Hooray for helmets! It's the law to wear bicycle helmets here...common sense regulated.
    A good visual to understand why a helmet is a must is to drop a watermelon on the floor ,with and without a helmet.The results speak for themselves.
    Jane x


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