Monday, 29 July 2013

Take A Pew

Not exactly a pew – but I did take two folding chairs from Fakenham Parish Church three summers ago. They were selling them off for 50p each. We brought them back from Cornerstones, and they’ve been in the garage at Kirby ever since.

But this summer I got them out, dusted them off, primed them and painted them pale blue. I’d already bought the paint [reduced, of course!] for another project – so that’s a quid well spent, I think!



This is definitely turning into another “Finnish Summer” when I am getting lots of PhD’s completed [PhD = Projects half Done]


  1. Those look extremely chic, very CL!

  2. They look great! Much brighter and stylish.

  3. I've always loved those wooden chairs.They make me think of thatched cottages and cream teas!
    Jane x


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