Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Highland Fling!

I called in at the church on Tuesday morning to see how the Senior Citizens were enjoying their Holiday@Home. They were having a great time! The premises have undergone an amazing transformation and everything is Scottish through and through, this year’s theme being ‘Highland Fling!’

After all, the older generation have always loved a bit of Balmorality!

queen balmoral

Slightly more relaxed and colourful nowadays. Here is the main church hall [easy chairs have just been vacated as people have  gone to the dining tables]


I do like a nice bit of bunting!


Let’s have a close up of the fabulous backcloth


Waiting for lunch



Here come the servers [all the staff wearing the tartan sashes made by Susan and co at Sewing Club]



…and here is Janet, who has been the brains behind the whole enterprise- and who assembled a wonderful team of hard-working staff to provide 3 days of joy for the OAPs of our community.


Thank you everybody who has been involved in this event! They have enjoyed crafts, games, food, an outing, entertainments, music, singing, laughter…

Will ye no come back again?

Or maybe, this week, they should be singing…

Carry the lad that’s born to be King…




  1. Looks lovely... hope you served up 'mince 'n' tatties' or 'haggis, neeps 'n' tatties' at least once :)

    1. As you will see from Elizabeth's comment below, the menus have been very thoughtfully prepared!

  2. You all work so hard to ensure your seniors have a wonderful week.Bless you all!
    Jane x

  3. You'll be pleased to know that we did sing that song on Tuesday although I didn't make the connection. Had a great day out at Crich Tramway Museum today, weather was perfect and all enjoyed their ride on the trams. Looking forward to the the final day tomorrow and especially the haggis!


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