Saturday, 6 July 2013

Posh Frocks!

My young neighbour is off to her End of Term School Prom – but she is short and her dress is long. So I was asked to shorten it for her, and adjust the fitting. It’s a rich royal purple, with a shawl, and beading detail in the front. It has a fine crepe top layer, two satin underlayers [which frayed and shed threads everywhere when cut!]


I was able to get exactly the right shade of thread from Button Boutique, and spent yesterday afternoon taking up the dress- and using the left over fabric to make a second similar prom dress- for the Barbie doll belonging to my young friend’s little sister. I am pleased to report that the alterations worked perfectly and she should look stunning next week! We never had Proms when I was young – but I suspect I would have made my dress from scratch [if not from an old tablecloth]

Apologies for the awful photos, I am having major camera issues at the minute.

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