Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Entertaining Our Irish Visitors

Sunday Evening ; Other adults go to church, whilst I stay with the boys. I let them play with the Garden Giants Draughts Set


I don’t think they quite understood the rules!

Monday: Off the National Space Centre. Wonderful!


This summer is the NSC Summer Of Lego – so we definitely scored highly there with the boys. Bob enjoyed himself too.



Then on to Bradgate Park for a Picnic. Oh! Deer!


Bob left the party at that point and went back home to start cooking. We went into the city to see the Richard III exhibition - and then home for Bob’s fabulous BBQ, via KM Castle.  I was too hot and tired to take more pictures. I hope Mags’ pictures come out [apologies that M isn’t on any shot – she was there, honest!]

We had a brilliant time with Mags and Her Men – the boys are growing up fast. We seemed to cram an awful lot into just 40 hours

  • The hottest day followed by the wildest thunderstorm.
  • Taking interest in the death of a former King, and birth of a future one.
  • Visiting a centre for space age technology, and the home of a Tudor family, and a 15th C castle.
  • Watching Sherlock, and the Simpsons.
  • Long conversations about….everything.


Tuesday; breakfast and departure [via the Air Conditioning Placer in Loughborough, to get the car A/C fixed and make their long journey a little more bearable] And their holiday trip is over. Please come again, friends, when the weather is a little cooler!


  1. ❤Hooray for the Mags family and you guys!

  2. PomPom- thank you for lovely postcard which has arrived [just after Mags left]So glad you have been able to visit C-ten-B's house!! What a great lady she was

  3. Oh,lucky boys to visit that beautiful park!
    Jane x

  4. What a lovely weekend - makes me all nostalgic just reading it! I love Bradgate Park and pop in any time I'm that way

  5. Oh it was too short a trip! Not enough long conversation! Thank you so very much! That BBQ...


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