Saturday 27 July 2013

Blanket Stitch

Liz now has the Vintage Lan-Air-Cel woollen blanket which came from my Mum [and she got it secondhand in 1970!] but recently a friend gave me a similar acrylic blanket [thank you!].

“It has some holes, but I am sure you can fix them” said the donor.

They were clearly made by a hot iron [there is a tiny bit of ‘melt’ damage to the nylon binding too] I began by trimming the burned edges of the holes, which had turned to sharp brown plastic.


I debated how exactly to deal with the holes. Should I…?

  • darn conventionally, stitching down and across
  • sew on some sort of patches made of woollen fabric
  • knit patches and sew them in place
  • crochet across the holes

I hadn’t any suitable fabric – and anyway I wanted to maintain the cellular structure, not use something ‘solid’. I didn’t have any pale lilac yarn – but found some fine pink acrylic of a similar weight and ‘feel’

I crocheted round the edge of the holes [discovering a third hole I had initially overlooked] and then used treble crochet to fill in the spaces. The contrast circles are not exactly unobtrusive- but I am pleased with the finish – and the blanket will give a few more years of service!


Pricewise, the wool blankets are currently £60+ and the acrylic ones around half that. So I think we have done well here!


  1. Excellent Angela, a few more years of use out of it yet I think. I dont understand the 'chuck it out and get a new one mentality' these days! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Good idea. All you need to do now is to embroider some leaves and stems between the flowers....!!

    1. Oh I like that idea very much - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Well done - they look like excellent little crochet patches - yet another good reason for me to practise my crochet more!

  4. How very foxy of you! I would never have thought you could remedy those holes. Note to Self!

  5. Well done, Ang! It looks good! You are a fine needlewoman.

  6. My kinda project! Neatly done Angela, make do and mend!


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