Saturday, 20 July 2013


This excessive heat is causing me to wilt! It isn’t particularly good for cut flowers either. The bunch I received last week has gradually drooped, and after frequent changes of water and trimming of stems,  I was left with just a few golden blooms.

But don’t they look gorgeous re-arranged in this little green Hornsea “Heirloom” pattern Jug?


Having found the large Hornsea jug and sugar bowl last Saturday morning at the Great Village Yard Sale, my afternoon perambulations yielded this piece for 50p.

The embroidered mat is a real vintage treasure, a gift from an elderly lady in the church some years ago. The stitching is minute. I suspect it may date back to the 1930’s.


  1. The flowers look lovely in the jug. I try to make my flower last as long as possible by whittling them down to the last few

  2. All three are lovely, Angela -- the yellow blooms, the deep green mug, and the very pretty cotton mat. That last one is a real treasure!


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