Monday, 22 July 2013

Think Pink!

breastcancerribbonMy ‘knit something for charity each month’ campaign is going well. This month I have used up the pink wool in my stash [there wasn’t much!] to make three scarves. Fat Dormouse suggested I might like to join Vicki’s campaign to make pink scarves for women fighting the battle with breast cancer. [details here]

July is a busy month – so just three scarves, but all different patterns. The first one was from my brilliant Debbie Bliss Book [blogged about here]

knitters year

The second was simply a moss stitch with a fringe, the yarn was dyed in shades of pink, deep pink, peach and violet. The third was a crochet ‘ruffle’ design – in deep pink with a pale pink edging. It came out very similar to the ‘sea-lettuce’ scarves I knitted a few years back.

Here are my three scarves, on a folding chair in the garden, styled as per Debbie Bliss!


I loved doing the DB pattern – it is a sort of ‘fan-and-feather’ design. She uses two colours to emphasis the rippling stripes, but I think it works well in one colour too.


  1. Such lovely knitting and what a great idea to support breast cancer sufferers and use up the stash at the same time. Your knitting has come out so well, what's next I wonder? I've been knitting Afghans (lapblankets) for the local Women's Aid refuge, but that has stalled in this too-hot-to-knit weather, so now there's a teddy for the children's ward at the local hospital on the needles. Knitting is so therapeutic, and just a bit compulsive too. Love the styling in the photo by the way, must go & check out the DB book now. Keep knitting, & keep blogging. Have a great day, x

  2. Love the scarves! Is there a UK address? I'm still knitting hats for the sailors society which you highlighted a few weeks ago.

    1. I sent mine to the USA address - squashed into a JiffyBag the 3 cost less than £4 to post.

  3. I was away when you wrote this post so I didn't see it. I'm so glad you joined in with Vicki's scarf project. It has been inspiring reading about (and looking at) the beautiful scarves people have sent her. Mine turned out more orange than pink, I'm afraid - the wool knitted differently to my expectations. I bought some other yarn but cannot work out how to use it - I think it would make a ruffly scarf but it's really tricky for someone who can only just manage knit one purl one. I'm knitting squares (& I use that term lightly!) to make blankets for Spanish Stray Cats. i hope they like them!!


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