Friday, 19 July 2013

OK Bok!

Slight confusion this week, when I walked past the market in Norwich - there were buckets of flowers on display market flowers

They were labelled “BOKS £5”

springbokbok choy

I thought of springboks, the African antelopes, and of bok choy, the Chinese cabbage. But I couldn’t make sense of it

Then it dawned on me, the sign should be read b O K [bouquet]

Now wondering, is this abbreviation in common usage? I’ve not seen it before. I must check out flowers on Leicester market sometime.


  1. Never seen that before, Angela. How clever! And I really mean YOU'RE clever, b/c I would never have figured that one out!

  2. Think it's all this phone texting that invents something like that. I don't thank I would have worked it out.


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