Thursday, 18 July 2013

Feeling More-ish?

A couple of weeks ago, the Crazy Kitchen had a post about eating places in Norwich – and I liked the look of Moorish, a falafel bar in Lower Goat Lane. So Bob and I tried it out for a fast, early lunch on Monday before returning to Leicester.


The food is freshly made daily, and there is a wide selection of falafels, dips and salads – with sauces and pita bread –and drinks.

You can sit outside, or upstairs [the photo below taken from the staircase to show the serving area


I loved the wallpaper upstairs – and here are pictures of our lovely fresh salads and glasses of mint tea. A huge pile of freshly chopped and sliced goodness, a few falafels, and cool minty yogurt sauce.



It was a delightful meal on a really hot day. Thanks, Crazy Kitchen for the recommendation. Service was good, and prompt, portions were generous. Prices start at £2 for basic Hummus+Pitta, and falafels begin at £3.60 [3 falafels, hummus, + 2 salads] There is a kid’s menu, and a choice of hot and cold drinks. I can recommend the mint tea!


  1. Oh that looks great, especially on a hot day. I'll add that to my list for if we're ever lucky enough to be in the area.


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