Monday, 8 July 2013

Peggy’s Pinny

My Auntie Peggy telephoned last week. She explained she had been reading this article about a woman who needed to walk with a stick, even round her home, and found it hard to carry things. So her sister had made her an apron with a number of different sized pockets [small for tissues and pens, large for tins and packets] This had been so successful the woman had started marketing them – “not Joseph’s Coat Of Many Colours, but An Apron Of Many Pockets”

My Aunt [in her 80s, limited mobility] wondered if I could make her one. Preferably green colours to go with her kitchen. This was one of my Saturday Sewing Projects.

I had a kitchen curtain in my stash - the last of a set of 4 I got in a charity shop ages ago. I thought at first glance it was from M&S – but no, it was not St Michael but St Bernard!

I cut out a pattern using one of my own aprons, and made pockets from some left over green cotton [which, coincidentally, were from my Aunt’s old kitchen curtains – I wonder if she’ll recognise it]


I put two small pockets on the top half, and a rectangle of fabric, divided into two large pockets, on the lower part. And added a name patch.

The neck strap is adjustable with D-rings. I hope she likes it!


  1. Love the apron, what a great idea & so well executed too. Hope she finds it useful & enjoys the happy memories from the reused fabric. Have a great day, x

  2. What a brilliant idea. Lovely cheerful colours in your reused fabric.

  3. I'm sure she will be thrilled,not many people can boast a bespoke apron!
    Jane x

  4. Beautiful work.
    Love from Mum

  5. FYI the trademark St Bernard is actually from Dunnes Stores which are an Irish chain that had a handful of UK stores

  6. St Bernard is the label for the Irish chain store Dunnes. Joked about here for exactly it's similarity to St Michael produce- but significantly cheaper. The big store in Belfast is excellent!

  7. Thank you for the info re St Bernard & Dunnes. I learn something new everyday

  8. I love pinafore aprons, they are SO handy!


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