Monday, 9 September 2013

Boxing Clever- Part Two


Do you remember this sewing box? I blogged about it here


I acquired it in July 2012, and asked for suggestions about refurbishment. It’s home-made [what Tim on Bargain Hunt refers to as ‘shed work’!] I decided that as the wood wasn’t of good quality, I would paint it, and then line the three trays with fabric. I had some blue paint out in the summer [for those garden chairs] and while I was in the garden repainting them, Bob took the box to bits.

I sanded it down and gave it a coat of primer, then painted it blue. Here it is at primer stage back in July 2013.


IMG_0700I found a lovely piece of fabric in my bag of bits from Rita and Sandie, which was an American patchwork piece. I carefully made patterns for the trays using thinnish card and worked out that there was just enough!

I cut out the pieces and sewed them by hand, using the card for stiffness, then dropped them into the trays, sticking them in place with a little PVA


The rectangles on the lids are padded slightly with a little wadding, so that I can pin needles and pins there. There’s a button in the centre of each lid. Two rather special Liberty buttons – I have another use for them on a particular garment I may make one day – but for now they are in use here, to remind me often of a special friend and a brilliant weekend we shared.


Here’s some of the pretty lining fabric close up –isn’t it great?


The original knobs were missing – but Bob drilled these two large 1960’s coat buttons – and put a nut underneath to raise them slightly. I’m really pleased with the project and my plan is to use it as my ‘Work In Progress’ box. I will keep basics in the top two traysIMG_0720 [scissors, tape measure, pins, needles, a few spools of thread etc] and then an ongoing project [sewing or knitting] in the larger bottom tray


Thank you everybody for your earlier suggestions, and to R&S for fabric, M for buttons [and as usual, Bob for his practical assistance] I feel I should point out that when Bob dismantled the box, he painstakingly labelled the wooden struts 1,2,3…8 and marked their corresponding 16 screw holes on the trays. And then I painted over his numbers! Fortunately it didn’t matter too much and we were able to re-assemble without any problems.

Perhaps I should retitle this post Boxing Stupid?


  1. Your sewing box looks stunning - well done. I'd like one of these boxes myself. I saw one in a CS a couple of years ago, but hesitated about buying it and missed out. Haven't seen one since.

  2. What a beautiful transformation, so much work and a lovely, lovely end product. I'm sure you'll enjoy using it. Well done you, & Bob, I'm sure you inspire lots of people to give old things a second look and then a new lease of life. You have been busy - as ever, have a good day, xx

  3. Angela, that looks great. What a transformation, and I love the fabric you have used.

  4. I have one of those, but haven't got around to painting it as yet. Thanks for the idea.

  5. That looks really good; my favourite pale blue and then the fabric is a lovely surprise when you open it up. I have my mum's similar box; she's still with us but has dementia. I do sometimes think of painting it but I think one of my brothers (the one who thinks all things that ever belonged to our parents and grandparents are sacred relics, including all manner of junk) would implode if I did! ining it is another matter, though.

  6. I meant to say, "It looks great!" :)

  7. Your sewing box looks amazing. Such a great transformation. Well done.

  8. Another great job!
    Love that colour blue.
    Jane x

  9. Lots of good ideas there. It looks brilliant

  10. Marvelous! And very inspiring, too!


  11. I have a much smaller box like this. It was my mother's so it is very old.


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