Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Saturday Stitchers

On Saturday afternoon I called round to my friend Ann’s house. She regularly invites other quilters* to meet and stitch around the big tables in her lounge [see them here] so she put on a Quilt Exhibition. This was to raise some money for our Re-Creation Project. I am glad the weather was good- in the front of the house was a washing line draped with quilts, and balloons and signs instructed visitors to enter down the side path and through the patio doors. There were quilts everywhere! on the fence, over the bushes, round the summerhouse…and inside on the walls, on the tables, draped over furniture, hanging from cords…

lfe gala & quilt show 2013

Paper pieced quilts, crazy patchwork, fantasy fabric, one colour…you name it they were there. Quilts, cushions, bookcovers, bags, wallhangings. It was fabulous! Last I heard, Ann’s visitors had donated in excess of £250. Brilliant. There are about thirty pieces pictured in these two collages – and I reckon there were at least thirty more I didn’t take pictures of, as my camera battery went flat!

lfe gala & quilt show 2013-001

I also called in at the Parish Gala just up the road from us. My friend Tina, who learned to sew at Sewing Club, had a craft stall with her friend. She texted me to say she’d be there, so I thought I should go and check on my pupil’s progress. Tina’s first love is crochet, and she had made dozens of mug cosies.


Then the two of them had also prepared lots of sewn crafts for sale


Lots of very pretty Christmassy items, as well as a whole rail of tote bags. Tina has a good eye for colour, and the bags were really attractive as well as being strong [and at good prices]

We have some remarkably talented people here in our corner of the National Forest. [yes, really - we are at the bottom SE corner of the NF. Website here] It was a great afternoon

*including my good blogfriends Bluebell and Cottonreel


  1. Ann did a fabulous job hanging al the quilts .
    I go to many quilt shows and for a one woman set up it was well worth visiting.
    I sew with Ann on Thursday afternoons and really enjoy my time with her .
    I wish I had known about the other craft show too'
    I think it would be worth your time to put a poster in Desford village next time also

  2. What a stunning array of quilts. They would attract lots of people I think.

  3. Wow, what fantastic colours and designs, so many clever people you have there.

  4. What beautiful quilts and items on the stall. I also love your new sewing box

  5. wow all those beautiful quilts.
    hope the craft fair went well.


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