Thursday, 19 September 2013

Never In A Month Of Sundays?

I just cannot keep up with this any more…

September was named Septimus Frugalus by some bloggers as the month in which people were supposed to be Not Spending


Now there are bloggers who are practising StopTober [which may mean no spending or no smoking] or Go-Sober-October [no alcohol] depending where you are coming from]


Then there is No-spend-vember, or Movember [spend less and or grow a moustache]


I have never smoked, rarely drink alcohol, and am perpetually frugal. [And No, I am not growing a ‘tache either!!] However I did return from London with a [free] copy of the Evening Standard tucked in my bag, and now I know this month is


Bob has been making some fabulous sourdough bread all month, and we didn’t even realise this was THE month for it! To be quite honest, all the supply teaching and lay preaching I am doing this month has left me very little spare time for celebrating all these blogfests.

Bob’s sourdough starter is bubbling away in the kitchen, and he keeps turning out the loaves. I am just pottering along in my happy little way, muttering about Mr Gove under my breath, and trying to keep the domestic scene from descending into utter chaos. If I can just get as far as half term without running out of clean underwear, fresh milk, good coffee and loo rolls, I shall be very grateful!


  1. I might do Movember this year.......

    1. You should mention this to Bob!

    2. KMFC does Movember…has a certain ring to it!!

  2. One fine day I will start some sour dough and keep it going for years! I am not growing a moustache (deliberately anyway...) this season...
    Best wishes

  3. There's a good chance I could go another month
    and stay sober for October.

  4. I'm with you, can't keep up and don't want to keep up. If you want to save extra cash, give up drinking/smoking/buying things to do with rabbits or whatever it is, just do it. Why the need to swim with the tide all of a sudden?


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