Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Whilst on holiday, Bob and I were quite horrified to see a rubbish skip in a school playground containing a couple of discarded floor polishers, and a load of maths teaching equipment. There was also a box from a new polisher – but as Bob said “It would have been good to have the opportunity to try and make at least one working gadget from the discarded machines”

It was not appropriate to climb in and help ourselves to the gear – but it was so frustrating to see such apparent waste. We are very glad that Sarah, who runs the excellent Playgroup which meets in our Church Hall has more sense.


She sorted out the Dressing Up Clothes at the end of the summer, so that any which needed repair could be fixed for the start of term. So last week I took Mr Bump, a couple of Princess Dresses, and a few other items to refurbish them.

It didn’t take long with the sewing machine to replace the tired Velcro, re-attach trims, and re-hem frayed edges. Dressing Up clothes take quite a bashing, but a little bit of attention will keep them usable for a few more terms [and save the P/G some money!]


The blue fur is a Monsters Inc ‘Sulley’ costume- but it was too hard for the children to put on – I have opened up the front so it fastens more easily with Velcro [why don’t the people who design these think about their intended wearers?]

I wanted to make history – but ended up making costumes.


  1. I agree there is too much waste in this world, great you are doing your bit to stop some of it.


  2. How awful to see that waste of machinery. I suppose it couldnt be re=made due to health and safety rules. Or something.

  3. third world countries would scream for maths equipment.
    People just don't think about each other any more

    x x


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