Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fire! Fire!

On Thursday night, at our ‘Friends and Neighbours’ group at church, we had a visit from four members of the Blue Watch [Leicester Western] fire crew. It was very exciting to see the fire engine in the Church Car park and meet the men who serve on it. [no women on this team – although there are quite a few in the Leicester Service]


Barbara and Gwen enjoyed climbing up inside the appliance



But I stopped to put on a helmet first


Betty checked out the BA [Breathing Apparatus]



It was really quite heavy, and I found the mask oppressive. I really admire the crews who don this gear to try and rescue people from burning buildings.

We waved goodbye to the crew around 9.40pm. Within 3 hours, the Leicester Fire Services were called out to a house fire, in which a family died. Sadly it appears to have been a deliberate attack.

bbc fire

mercury fire report







I am praying for those affected by this tragedy in my city. It is something like this which makes me even more sad that a decision was passed in London [also on Thursday night] to close ten Fire Stations in our capital and make 550 staff redundant [here] I wonder how quickly they would have got this fire under control, if there hadn’t been appliances stationed nearby at Southwark


Thank you Casper, Richard, Dave and Stan = not just for coming to talk to us about your work, and educate us about fire safety, but also for daily putting yourselves at risk for the benefit of others.


  1. Great post! That's awful re the closures. They do things like this and wonder at all the unemployment! Will pray for that family x

  2. So basically, you all just wanted to get close to the firemen :-)

  3. Totally agree with you about the closures - the village one here was under threat of closure last year until everyone rallied round and made the powers that be think again.

    The masks look terribly oppressive - I have only tried on the OH's CPAP machine breathing mask and couldn't cope with that on my face, so I don't know how the wonderful crews cope with those huge things.

    Very interesting post, Ang - thanks for sharing xx

  4. I think I would have asked for a Fireman's Lift!!!
    Jane x

    1. I WAS tempted, but decided it would be embarrassing, as I know I am heavier than I appear [according to my BMI I am actually classed as 'obese']

    2. My chiropractor...thin as a rake and well over six feet tall is also classed as obese! Go figure.
      Jane x


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