Thursday, 26 September 2013

It’s A Mug’s Game

I have just discovered the website of the Literary Gift Company – lots of witty gifts for bibliophiles and philologists. Were I to have pots of money at my disposal, I think I might treat my nearest and dearest to this little selection at Christmas…

Liz and Jon would get these – because this is what they do so well


Steph and Mark might get these [Steph’s because we went to LMA’s house and we saw the desk where she wrote Little Women, Mark’s because he seems to spend so much time travelling]



Bob [who can be a teensy bit pedantic** at times about grammar] would get this one. I think I’d get myself the lilac one because I love the book, and have always considered myself to be one of the LW!



But as I don’t have £60 or thereabouts to spare, and we all have plenty of mugs anyway, I shall not be buying any of these – delightful though they are. [**this may be litotes, but I am not sure about that, no doubt someone else in my family will put me right here]


  1. Oh! I love the mug for Bob. That is one of my pet peeves, and it's everywhere in the U.S. -- not just conversation, but on permanent signs. Drives me bonkers!

  2. Q. Is buying expensive mugs a mugs game? :-)
    I like the " I'm reading ". Like you we seem to have lots of mugs, car boot sales are brilliant unless you HAVE to have matching ones and life is almost too short for matching mugs!

  3. Oh these are fabulous! I wish you virtual joy as you imagine some virtual tea therein!!

  4. I'm going to take a look at this website right now! The mug for Bob would be a fabulous gift for my friend who teaches English to Swiss students in Geneva! Jx

  5. A friend gave me the "She is too fond of books" mug and it's one of my favourite mugs - I like mugs/cups and have to restrain myself sometimes from adding to my collection!

    Lesley H in Livingston

  6. Which Little Woman are you? It was always cool to want to be Jo but I always wanted to be Meg

    1. Jo. Always Jo [I read it before my friends and didn't know it was 'cool'!] but Meg was almost as good [except she wasn't that good at budgetting]

  7. I always wanted to be Jo - didn't everyone? I love this company and got my dad a 'Go away I'm reading' mug for Father's day. I also discovered recently that they have a sister company:

    1. That is a great site too- thanks for the link, Now I cannot decide if Bob needs a radio tower tie, or a set of scientist finger-puppets!

  8. I was all set to ask which Little Woman you are, but I see that someone has asked it already.

    I was always Amy - as the youngest of a large family I identified with her. (And who hasn't dreamt, at some point, of marrying a rich man and living a life of ease?)

    I like to think that my fondness for books has turned my brain in the right direction!

    P.S. Has anyone, ever, wanted to be Beth?


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