Wednesday, 11 September 2013

That Ain’t Bread….That’s Toast!


Aficionados of ‘Pointless’ will recognise the catchphrase.

I bought a baguette last week to serve with some home—made soup from the freezer. But we only ate half of it, and I knew there would not be an opportunity to do so before it went stale. So I cut it up


I sliced it on the diagonal – that way each slice has a much greater surface area [compare the two pieces in the picture] Then brushed slices with a little oil, and rubbed them with a cut clove of garlic. I baked them for 8 minutes in a hot oven, turning them halfway [set a timer, do not leave the kitchen]


I cooled the slices then put them in a box in the freezer, where they keep very well. They make lovely bruschetta bases, or an alternative to crackers. Bob likes to top them with slices of home grown tomatoes [donated by a kind friend!] and cheese.


  1. What a great idea! I love bruschetta, and I love the idea of having some toast in the freezer ready to go the next time the bruschetta urge hits me (which it might this afternoon, as I have a nice number of ripe tomatoes out on the porch ...).


  2. Oh I love garlic bread topped with diced tomatoes. Mmmm. nice thoughts of summer food in full swing of Autumn here!

  3. Mmm, bruschetta with tomatoes, basil, little olive oil, what could be better?
    I do take your point about 'do not leave the kitchen'!

  4. Great idea! I'm going to try that.

  5. Funny how it just takes a pic,. to set the juices flowing .
    I would use those with cheese on top and float it in tomato soup . Pure happiness
    Thank you so much for the lavender , I shall call it my Angie bag


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