Monday, 16 September 2013

Coming Soon To A Church Near You…


Here’s the stepladder outside church on Saturday as Bob was in the middle of putting up the banner for next weekend. Rather than spend out for a new sign, we used the back of this one


I borrowed a ‘Cricut’ cutting machine from a friend [thanks Janet!], and cut out the letters from regular white printer paper. Then Bob stuck them onto the sign with spraymount adhesive, painted with a can of red spray paint, and peeled them off. If you look closely, you can see there has been some ‘bleeding’ round a few letters…


…but I quite like the effect, it’s sort of informal-graffiti-Banksy-like.

I was quite impressed by the Cricut machine, but I am not sure I would get enough use from it to justify owning one. I imagine that they are more useful to serious  scrapbookers.

I do hope we get lots of visitors Sunday!


  1. I like the blurring on the poster. It looks great. Jx

  2. Great sign- wording and lettering. You don't have space for another gadget!


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