Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hello…And Goodbye

This week saw the death of two men who were consummate professionals when it came to TV and Radio – and who have been around for as long as I can remember, whose distinctive voices have been a familiar part of both my childhood, and my adult life.

Sir-David-Frost-2011david jacobs

Sir David Frost, who always greeted us with “ Hello, Good Evening and Welcome…” died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Saturday night [on board the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth, where he was due to give a speech] My earliest memories of him date back to the 1960s, when he was on That Was The Week That Was. My Dad loved that programme, and as the TV was in the room underneath my bedroom, I used to lie in bed listening to him laughing his head off. More than once I got into trouble for coming downstairs to see what was so funny. TW3 with Frost, Millicent Martin et al was, in its way, quite groundbreaking television. Those of you who are younger will only know Romford-born MM as Daphne’s Mum in Frasier. Frost went on to become a terrific incisive interviewer, with challenging questions for his guests [notably Richard Nixon] – as well as presenting that bizarre series ‘Through The Keyhole’

David Cameron said "Sir David was an extraordinary man – with charm, wit, talent, intelligence and warmth in equal measure. He made a huge impact on television and politics. The Nixon interviews were among the great broadcast moments, but there were many other brilliant interviews. He could be, and certainly was with me, both a friend and a fearsome interviewer."

David-Frost-and-Millicent tW3

Then yesterday, broadcaster David Jacobs died peacefully at home, aged 87 [he had been suffering from Parkinson’s and liver cancer].  His welcome was a suave, urbane “Hello there…” [ask Bob, he can mimic this perfectly] My earliest memories are Juke Box Jury where he asked panellists to vote Hit or Miss for the latest tunes.


Always immaculately dressed, DJ was one of the first…DJs…and presented programmes on Radio, and TV, including Top of The Pops and Any Questions. He was incredibly knowledgeable about popular music, and only gave up presenting his Sunday Evening show on Radio 2 a couple of months ago.

Bob Shennan, Controller of Radio 2 said “David was a legend in broadcasting, not only for the Radio 2 audience, but for the whole population. He was a true giant of the BBC, whose career spanned seven decades on radio and television. His broadcast hallmarks were great taste, authority and warmth. I am sure his audience will feel they have lost a friend, as we all do here at Radio 2.”

RIP, Sir David Frost OBE 1939 – 2013,  David Jacobs CBE 1926-2013


  1. I had heard about David Frost but not David Jacobs. Thanks for sharing the info on David Jacobs, as I am not as familiar about his life and career.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Starting to feel much older now
    as so many of the great names from
    my childhood, pass-away,
    David Jacobs must be one of my first
    memories of TV, apart from the
    real children's programs.


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