Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dish Of The Day

When we were at the Aylsham Show, on Bank Holiday Monday, we went to a demonstration in the cookery tent.


We watched Mark Sayers, Head Chef of The Saracen’s Head at Wolterton as he prepared a main dish and a dessert.


It was a superb demo, and seeing close up shots of the work, on the big screen, made it easy to follow. I have to say that Mark was witty, and a good demonstrator – making the meal prep look effortless. All the right qualities for a TV chef, I would say!


Mark prepared a main course of pork, black pudding, and potato rosti, with a garnish of apple balls [prepared with a melon baller]

At the end we sampled the dish and it was quite delicious.

On Monday, Bob enjoyed his day off- but I was busy in school, and I knew I had things to do in the evening. So my lovely husband offered to cook our meal – he replicated Mark’s menu.


Bob pan-fried the Pork and Black Pudding , as Mark did, apple pieces were cooked off in the same pan [Bob couldn’t find the melon baller so cut wedges]The potato rosti were superb- cooked through, with a golden crispy coat.

Finding half a cauliflower in the fridge, Bob prepared that as an accompaniment. First he put the oven on, and put some flaked almonds in an enamel dish on the middle shelf as the oven warmed up. Meanwhile he parboiled the cauli florets, then drained them, and tossed them in some turmeric with a few mustard seeds and peppercorns, and the [now toasty] almonds. He finished off the cauli in the hot oven.

sh logoI do not normally enjoy black pudding – but this was delicious, and went really well with the other components of the meal. Maybe I will get a meal in the Saracen’s Head one day, cooked by Mr Sayers – but until then, I am happy with Mr Almond’s cooking! Thanks Bob, for being a great chef – and also for the latest sourdough loaf in the breadbin!


  1. That sounds absolutely delicious! I really need to get Mr FD trained better - he can cook (very well!) but generally leaves me to get on with it!

  2. I had to read that first line three times before I could understand why on earth you were going to an Asylum Show. Not even in Bedlam will I be eating black pudding.


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