Friday, 20 September 2013

My Mum Is Fantastic

When Liz was 7 and Steph was 5, they found a book in Sainsbury’s which they thought described their crazy little Mum. So they persuaded Bob to buy it so they could give it to me. Sadly, somewhere along the way it got lost. Then last week I found a copy for 20p in a charity shop. I treated myself to Nick Butterworth’s little gem, and have smiled to myself this week, remembering their childhood and my attempts at motherhood.


I had this sort of hairstyle – and a pair of striped socks just like these


…and I brought the girls up to Make Do And Mend


…I was forever storytelling at home, at church, at holiday club


…knitting, and sewing – some garments more successful than others


…and I loved organising wild and wacky activities [Little Mermaid Party, Pirates&Princesses Party, Pancake Parties…]


…never balanced on a tightrope- but did try to balance tight budget and busy lifestyle


…no bike of my own, but I took them to the park and taught them to ride bicycles [lovingly refurbished secondhand ones]


But one page was a complete lie [and remains so, despite my best efforts]


And now the girls are grown up – and sometimes I miss them so much. Mr B. can you please write a sequel? Call it

My daughters are fantastic!


  1. Aww. We had the dad one. Actually - I think Nick Butterworth is fantastic.

    1. He's done some great Christian books - we have got Wonderful Earth and Who Made Me? - and Percy the Park Keeper is fab!

  2. Oh my goodness, that book is indeed so you! I bought the Dad version for the boys to give to PC, but none of them were particularly enthusiastic... A daughters version would be wonderful.

  3. How did I miss out on this book when my lot were little? It's brilliant although I avoided the fantastic parties thing.

  4. I used that book with year 1s last mothers' day! And if you want a go at tightrope walking our son Daniel has the stuff - they call it slack lining and tie it between trees close to the ground. I can only do it by holding on to his shoulder for dear life!

    1. This is a very generous offer, Helen, but I think I shall decline, not fall!!


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