Friday, 6 September 2013


That’s it! Even if Kate and William* come begging and ask me to produce Regal Decorations For The Royal Christening, I shall decline. I am not making any more bunting during 2013!


I have just produced some for the school where I currently have some part-time supply work – and I was happy to do that because my colleagues are lovely people, and I had some time on Wednesday and Thursday when I could do it. 

IMG_0711I have made some triangular stuff for the role-play area. The brief was ‘stars&sparkly’ – and I had some Christmas fabrics leftover from last year’s family buntingfest, and also some stuff from Sandie and her sister Rita – 6 different prints in all. I did 2 lengths of 15 flags.

The backing is a pretty lilac print [also from Sandie- thanks!] but that will probably be against a wall so won’t show.

Then I made some rectangular bunting, using a fat quarter [again from S&R] which had 14 animal motifs.


The backing for these is the same blue stripe I used for the Cornerstones Summerhouse stuff in July


Three bundles, all ready to go into school next week


*I might reconsider if H.M. asked for some, or possibly Benedict Cumberbatch. But nobody else, not this side of Christmas!

kingsway bunting


  1. I love the animal bunting...pretty please?! (No, not really! But it is great fun! The school is lucky to have such a skilled supply teacher.

  2. Oooh, what print would you use for Mr BC?
    Jane x

    1. A repeating pattern of seven triangles thus… a study in scarlet, some red circles, then one decorated with five orange pips, maybe a smiley yellow face, a green speckled band, an embroidered blue carbuncle, a purple design of lettering in Baskerville type – and obviously, as a finale, a last bow to tie it up with!

    2. Draped between the living room and kitchen at #221B?
      Jane x


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