Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What Fun We All Had!

Some of my Fun Day pictures


So much to see and do. The day ended with a worship service – Bob and Ian on guitars, David on keyboard, and various singers [including a manic little woman at the end who did the action songs. Thanks Pete for this shot] That’s Tom The Rector clutching his stone-of-hope. Bob interviewed me about the stones, so I ran and grabbed one from the table. It simply said “Keep Going!” [so I am]

In the midst of all the excitement, we also had an oasis of calm – a Quiet Place where to sit away from the clamour and just ‘chill out’


Thank you to Gwen who provided free relaxing hand massages there [this is Carol’s picture] and to IKEA who gave me the cardboard dragonflies in April at the end of their Springtime Display.

hand massage CMs picture


  1. Lovely photos... looks like a great day was had by all

  2. Looks like a fun day, glad all went well.


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