Monday 9 December 2013

Be Encouraged!

You WILL get there, Christmas will happen, even if you don’t get everything prepared quite as thoroughly as Martha Stewart** would. Check out the lovely Advent Pause from Frances yesterday [here]

Just to make you feel better, here are photos of my dining room at 8am Saturday [pre arrival of Steph and Mark] and then 8pm Saturday [when we had our “Family Christmas Meal”]


Martha pies tarts**Speaking of Martha, I found this elderly cookbook going cheap, in a charity shop near Leicester Station, on Saturday when I went to fetch Steph and Mark. The book was published in 1992. I decided to treat myself!

I will let you know if there are any good recipes in it.


  1. That's quite a transformation! Do I spy Hornsea 'Fleur' storage jars on the table in the background?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and for just sharing yourself here.

  3. Love this- and happy smiling faces enjoying times together :)


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